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DQFanFeedback.com Survey of FAQ

  • Where in the United States can I find a Dairy Queen?

Texas is the only state with more than 600 Dairy Queen restaurants. There are only 48 different Dairy Queen sites in the other states.

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  • How much does it cost to get coupons for Dairy Queen?

There are discount cards that can be used to buy anything from $5 to $250,000. A lot of other shops also sell DQ gift cards.

  • How much does a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen cost?

It costs about $7 for one dilly bar at Dairy Queen. Each cone will cost you about $1.28. Each cone will cost you money.

  • The question is: How many Dilly Bars does Dairy Queen offer as a special?

This poll will only accept answers that are 100% right. You can eat as many Dairy Queen Dilly Bars as you want. You will have to pay to vote more than once.

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  • I have a coupon for a Dilly Bar from Burger King. Do you think I could use it at Dairy Queen?

Take the DQ Fan poll again and again. Each time, you will need to get a new poll number and ticket. A used ticket has to be thrown away after one use.

  • Who Can Use DQFanFeedback for the First Time?

Only people who are legally living in the US can take the DQFanFeedback poll. You’ll also need a ticket from a DQ restaurant to enter.

  • Is there a real way to make money with Dqfanfeedback?

The Dairy Queen customer survey doesn’t pay for your time, which could be a bad thing or a good thing, based on how you look at it. That means you can’t guess how much you might make.

You should only join DQFanFeedback if you want a free Dilly Bar. As has already been said, most places that offer online happiness polls only do so to get people to fill them out.

Take Dairy Queen Survey

  • How do people get paid for the time they spend on Dqfanfeedback?

The validation code (coupon) you get at the end of the question can be used to get a free Dilly Bar, not cash. With your coupon, you can get a free treat at any DQ.